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Let your hair down at Karaoke!
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Let your hair down at Karaoke!

Karaoke カラオケ is so popular in Japan, and now the rest of the world, that it’s hard to believe its beginnings were only as far back as the early 80s. Hit one of the cities with your Japan Rail Pass and end the night with some of your finest cat-wailing at a karaoke box!

Sing your heart out!

A staple favourite of the ‘salaryman’, as well as groups of friends, karaoke is a cheap and cheerful way to spend the evening. With most karaoke boxes open 24hrs it’s also often filled with people out for a fun night – the all you can drink offers helping sniff out any left over inhibitions.

How to book

Look out for the neon ‘Karaoke’ or ‘カラオケ’ signs and head inside. At the front desk you’ll be shown different price bands to choose from – usually a set price per hour, per type of all-you-can-drink/eat. Any items ordered that are not in the offer will be added to your bill separately.

  • An hour of evening karaoke with a standard all-you-can-drink menu (including beer and some spirits) will usually cost you just ¥1,400 per person, though singing in the daytime is even cheaper, a-mazing!

What’s inside?


The size of your room will depend on the amount of people with you, you’ll be handed a room number to go to or taken by staff. Each room will have a karaoke system, tv, table and banquette seating and can range from plain décor to the most crazy and ornate, such as the jacuzzi room at Fioria!

Drinks are ordered by phone in your room and songs are chosen on a remote control which can be turned to English mode, there are also English song menu books. Should you go with Japanese friends they will definitely want to hear you sing so this is no place for the shy!

You’ve sung yourself hoarse and eaten and drank your fill, now your time is up. If you want to stay for longer use the phone to inform staff, if you’re ready to go settle the bill at reception and head into the night ready for your next adventure.

Book your Japan Rail Pass to your nearest karaoke box here!

photo erkmanns / Benjamin Claverie

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