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Activating the JR Pass at Nagoya Station
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Activating the JR Pass at Nagoya Station

Nagoya is the big city located between Tokyo and Osaka. If you plan on activating the JR-Pass here, chances are you just arrived at Chūbu Centrair International Airport. Nagoya station is the largest station building in Japan and can be very busy, so here is a small guide to help activating the JR-Pass.

Activating the JR-Pass

The station mainly consists of one large hall and has two main entrance and exit sides. The Sakura-dori side, is the exit for the city center and the front side of the station. The Taiko-Dori side is the backside of the station and faces the local Bic camera department electronics department store.

The JR-Pass can be exchanged at Nagoya station every day between 6.00 am and 23:00 pm. Between 10:00-19:00 the place to go for activating the JR-Pass is the JR Information Center that can be found in the middle of the station hall on the Sakura-dori side, opposite to the Tourist information Office. From 6:00-10:00 and 19:00-23:00 the pass can be exchanged at the Main ticket office marked by the Shinkansen and JR-Lines sign. The Main Ticket office can be found on the right side in the station hall, when you enter from the Sakura Dori side.

Nagoya Map
Map Copyright by JR West.

Station resources

-On the Sakura-dori side of the station a golden clock can be found, this is a very famous spot and makes for a great meeting place. Locals call this the “Kin no Tokei”.
-Kikuko’s Website is a great resource that offers English maps and information about Nagoya station.
-The post office can be found on the left side, if you exit the station on the Sakura-dori side. Here an ATM service is available, which can be used with most foreign cards.

Hope you find this guide useful!

PS: don’t forget to bring your Passport and JR-Pass voucher for exchanging your JR-Pass.

Written by Daniel-san

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