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Interactive Map of Japan

The Japan Rail Map with over 4800 stations and 23000 km of rail freedom to explore. Find out about everything that is included in the Japan Rail Pass. The JR Map is a vital tool for planning your trip to Japan.
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Tip: The JR Pass is valid on all JR and Shinkansen lines (green and blue).

About the JR Pass Map

Welcome to the interactive JR Map, the map covers the entire JR railway network of Japan, from the high-speed Shinkansen to local lines. The map has been carefully designed to work with the Japan Rail Pass and is a powerful tool to build itineraries, explore and plan travel in Japan.

Exclusively available at jrpass.com, there is simply no other tool like it on the internet. Find out everything that is included in the Japan Rail Pass, where stations are located and how long travel distances are.

Build your own itinerary by pinning stations to the map, then share your travel plans with friends, or save a copy for yourself. It’s a lot of fun to see all the possibilities Japan has to offer, so get started!
“For a first time Japan traveller, the Japan Rail system can feel confusing and overwhelming to understand. The Japan Rail Map by JRPass.com is a great help in getting started with your travel planning."

Daniel-san, Japan travel expert

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FAQ - How to use JR Map

How can I pin or unpin a station to the map?
Simply click or tap on station name, then a pop-up will appear with the option: pin-to-map. Do the same to unpin a station. Alternatively search the station name in the map search function.
Can the JR Pass be shared or stored for later?
Yes, use the share button below the map to share the map with anyone you’d like. It’s also possible to simply copy the URL in your browser and store it for later use.
What does the destinations layer do?
Destinations are custom map layers from our staff used to highlight important stations, points of interest, geographical locations and (secret) travel tips.
What if I can’t find a station?
Check the spelling first, some stations have extra characters, punctuation or special writing. For example Namba in Osaka is technically written as Nanba, or a station may have a Hyphen in its name like Shin-Osaka.
Does the JR Map work on mobile or tablet?
Yes, the map can be used on any modern mobile or tablet. Make sure your browser is up-to-date for the best experience.

Railway maps of Japan’s main cities

Below is a series of city maps in Japan, including railway maps for Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Including maps for the metro, subway, and a prefecture map. Click the [see on map] button to be taken to the map, or use the download button to get the PDF.

Tokyo Railway Map

Click the [See on Map] to view the Tokyo JR Railway map, you also download a copy as PDF. Additionally, we provide a map of the Tokyo Metro map that includes all Tokyo Metro train lines.

Kyoto Railway Map

Click the [See on Map] to view the Kyoto JR Railway map, you also download a copy as PDF. Additionally, we provide a map of the Kyoto Subway map that includes all Kyoto Subway train lines.

Osaka Railway Map

Click the [See on Map] to view the Kyoto JR Railway map, you also download a copy as PDF. Additionally, we provide a map of the Osaka Subway map that includes all Osaka Subway train lines.

Please note: This map is provided "as is" for guidance only. We do our best to keep the map updated, however JRPass.com Ltd does not warrant in any way the accuracy of the information presented. For more information please read the Japan Rail Pass validity guide, and our Terms and Conditions.

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