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The Iyonada Monogatari train - Romantic views of Shikoku
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The Iyonada Monogatari train - Romantic views of Shikoku

The Iyonada Monogatari train is a joyful train operated by JR Shikoku that travels along the scenic coast of Shikoku and Hijikawa River between Matsuyama and Iyo Ozu/Yawatahama. This train ride is pure for the enjoyment of the passengers, running on the railroad along the Iyonada Sea, there are plenty of beautiful views, while onboard local cuisine is served made purely with products from the Shikoku region.

Introduction to the Iyonada Monogatari

The train made its original debut in 2014, and was an instant success with locals and visitors alike. The train has since been refurbished in 2017 and received a full upgrade second generation train in 2022, that comes with a full private suite. In this time, the train received numerous awards, including the number #1 sightseeing train in Japan. 

The train ride is a full experience that combines Shikoku food, scenery, and traditional crafts. Iyonada Monogatari, translates to the “Story of the Iyonada sea”, which coastline it follows. The journey includes both beautiful views of the sea and the Shikoku mountains.


The train itself is a luxury experience, and every seat is considered a Green Seat (1st class) with each train car having a unique theme and seating layout. The first two train cars are open seats, while train car number 3 has special private seating in a suite style environment to spend time with your time loved ones. Of special note is the romantic 2-person seating in train car 2, these are recommended for couples. 

Car 1 "Akane no sho" (Total seating: 27 people) Ocean-view seating, 2-person mountain-view seating, 4-person box seating

Car 2 "Kogane no sho" (Total seating: 23 people) Ocean-view seating, ocean-view couple seating, 2-person mountain-view seating.

Car 3 "Haruka no sho" (Total seating: 8 people) 4 x 2-person sofa seating. Called the “Fiore Suite” for real luxury.

There is also a small shop on board where a variety of craft items, food, snacks and drinks are sold. Great place to pick up a souvenir and trip remembrance. 

Food and dining

All meals served on the train are made from seasonal ingredients sourced locally in Shikoku. The menu depends on the route and date of travel. 

Train schedule and fares

The train runs on a seasonal schedule, with up to 4 trips a day. Note that the schedule changes by the season, please check availability on the official page (link at the bottom of the article). 

Typical fares cost ¥3,670 one-way between Matsuyama and Iyo Ozu and ¥4,000  between Matsuyama and Yawatahama. These prices are for transport, and food and drinks are purchased separately.

Can I use the Japan Rail Pass on the Iyonada Monogatari train?

All seats on the train are considered Green Seats, that means a Green Class JR Pass is required to ride the train. You may still use a regular JR Pass to cover the base fare for the train, but in this case an additional Green car fee will have to be paid. This is between ¥2,500 and  ¥3.000, depending on the route (one way fare). Meals on board are not included in the ticket price. The ALL SHIKOKU Pass or any other regional pass can not be used for this train.

The suite can also be rented and hold up to 8 people, the extra fee for this is  ¥28.000yen for the entire suite (that's extra per person when travelling with a party of 8). 

Final tips

  • As with any special train, make sure to reserve seats ahead of time. Spaces are limited and can sell out days in advance.
  • The same goes for reserving a special meal!
  • Matsuyama is worth visiting on its own, and famous for the Dogo Onsen Spa.
  • If you are interested in other joyfull trains in Shikoku, check out the Tetsudo Hobby train.

For the official page and reservations, see here.


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