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Stowing luggage on the Bullet Train
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Stowing luggage on the Bullet Train

Once you’ve activated your Japan Rail Pass and boarded your first Shinkansen Bullet Train, you’ll need somewhere to stow your luggage.

Can’t find the luggage rack?

Unlike trains you may be used to, Shinkansen do not have a specific area in each carriage for bags, so you will need to either place them behind the very last row of seats in the car, or smaller items can be placed on the overhead rail.

If you are stowing your luggage behind the last row of seats you should make this known to train personnel. The space is quite tight, with enough room to store around 2-3 large suitcases or backpacks each side.

Prefer them in sight?

Japan is a very safe place, but if you’re feeling nervy about having all your possessions out of sight, there’s enough legroom in each row to stow them in front of you. If you’re taking this option always remember to be considerate of other passengers and their personal space.

photo Rudy Herman

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