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Festivals: Tepees and tents more your thing?
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Festivals: Tepees and tents more your thing?

In a previous post we mentioned traditional festivals, those of you looking for a more modern vibe will find plenty of music-based madness to experience. If you’re imagining a muddy Glastonbury or bleak Burning Man then you’re in for a surprise. As with most things in Japan, the Japanese really know how to organise, so your festival site will be a beautiful utopia of cool beats, great food, well thought out camping and happy faces.

Why not ramp up the friendly competition between you and your mates and forget Coachella, Sonar or Bestival and use your Japan Rail Pass to try out Fuji Rock, Summer Sonic or Nagisa?

Amazing music, amazing food

Don’t forget, never far from any matsuri is some fantastic food, so all you need to do is turn up and enjoy yourself. Once you’ve seen the food on sale at yatai stalls and stands your average greasy burger or stale falafel will pale into insignificance. Gorge on yakitori, ramen, takoyaki, oden and okonomiyaki and let’s not forget a crisp Japanese beer or crazy-flavoured soda to wash it all down.

You’ll leave feeling part of the crowd with a satisfied belly full of traditional street food, happy memories and probably some great new friends!

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