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Activating the JR Pass at Shin-Osaka Station
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Activating the JR Pass at Shin-Osaka Station

Shin-Osaka station information.

Shin-Osaka is the Shinkansen (bullet train) station for Osaka, from here local trains and the subway travel into the city of Osaka itself. Shin-Osaka station offers two places where the JR Pass can be exchanged, find out below exactly where they are.

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Activation the JR Pass at Shin-Osaka.

The first is the Ticket Office near the Central Shinkansen Gate, it is recommended to exchange the JR-Pass here, as it is the least crowded and is easy to find. To find it, follow the signs around the station to the Central Shinkansen Gate, once there, turn around and you will be right in front of the Ticket Office.

The other is the JR-West ticket office, which can be found on the left when standing in front of the Shinkansen South gate, or on the right if you come from the Tourist Information. This area can be very crowded, especially during rush hour. In case there is a long queue, you may go to the Central Gate Ticket Office for faster service.

The ticket Office of Shin-Osaka is open between 5:30 and 23:30

A station map from JR-Central can be found HERE.

Traveling between Osaka station and Shin-Osaka station?

The simplest way to travel between both station by JR is to take the Kyoto line that only takes 3 minutes between both stations. If you travel to Shin-Osaka take the Kyoto line heading to Kyoto. Additionally, when traveling to Osaka take the Kyoto line heading to …… Osaka! :)

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