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The Green Pass - First Class Japan Rail Pass

The Green Japan Rail Pass, allows for unlimited First (1st) Class travel around Japan, including the high speed Shinkansen, intercity trains and urban trains.

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What is the Green Pass?

The JR Green Pass is the 1st Class version of the famous Japan Rail Pass. Experience Japan in the best comfort trains have to offer, travel in extra luxury and convenience.

Imagine the busy metropolitan city life of Japan with the constant buzz of trains running everywhere. Green Class allows you to take a break from all the travelling crowds and enjoy the journey to the max. The reason to choice Green Class is simple: Travel in comfort, peace and quiet.

"Train travel in Japan is like a fantastic cake, and Green Class is like putting the Cherry on top, to make it even more special"
— Daniel-san, JRPass.com
You can find first class carriages by looking for a Green Car symbol located near the entry doors.

Japan Rail Pass Green vs Ordinary

What you get for upgrading to 1st class

Green Class

PREMIUM First Class
  • Unlimited travel all over Japan
  • Free Seat reservations
  • Ride the High Speed Shinkansen bullet trains
  • Separate First Class Carriages
  • Comfortable, Extra Width Seats
  • More luggage space
  • More privacy
  • Extra free amenities depending on the train. Like drinks, Oshibori, hand towels and candy.

What is the
Japan Rails Pass Green

The Green Japan Rail Pass or just Green Pass, is the First Class option for the Japan Rail Pass. It allows for unlimited travel on the Japan Rail (JR) network nationwide and allows users to board First Class carriages.

Preview Video of the Shinkansen Green Class carriage

  • Ticket iconTravel in luxurious First Class
  • Suitcase iconGreat for business trips
  • Calendar iconAvailable for 7, 14 or 21 day Japan Rail Passes

JR Pass Green Pass FAQ:

  • Can I use the Green Pass during peak times / holiday seasons?

    Yes, the Green Pass is valid every day of the year.

  • Are seat reservations required for Green Class travel?

    Yes, In order to make sure that everyone who pays for a green seat is secure of a green seat.

  • Are seat reservations free with the Green Pass?

    Yes, all seat reservations are free to make.

  • Can I use the Green Class seats on the Tokaido line and similar local trains?

    Yes, please board the train and take a Green Seat. Once the cabin attendant comes by, show your Green Pass.

  • What should I expect from Green Class?

    More comfort, quiet and space than with other types of passes. Depending on the train extra services may be offered, think about complimentary coffee and tea, snacks, newspapers, candy and an Oshibori hand towel.

  • Can I use the Green Pass on the Shinkansen bullet train?

    Yes, all bullet train lines are covered by the Japan Rail Pass. Note that some train services, the Nozomi and Mizuho, are not included but you can take the Sakura and Hikari Shinkansen on the same route.

  • Is WiFi included on the Green Class?

    WiFi on the Shinkansen (where available) is available in both ordinary and Green Class. Should you wish to make use of your own private connection, then we recommend using a Pocket WiFi in Japan.

  • Can I bring extra luggage in Green Class?

    Yes, you may bring up to 2 full size suitcases per passenger. It will also be easier to store your luggage in Green Class because fewer people are traveling in the same carriage.

  • Is the JR Green Pass worth it?

    That’s a personal answer and will depend on your own budget, preferences and usage of the Green Pass.

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