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Itinerary tip: Nara

Itinerary tip: Nara
If you base yourself around Kyoto or Osaka you can use your Japan Rail Pass to day-trip to the best sights in the area - Nara being one of them.
If you base yourself around Kyoto or Osaka you can use your "Japan Rail Pass":http://www.jrpass.com to day-trip to the best sights in the area - *Nara* being one of them.
The Daibutsu (Great Buddha)
Nara is easily accessible from Osaka or Kyoto by taking the JR Kansai or Nara lines with your JR Pass. Nara, *Japan's first real capital*, is home to "8 Unesco World Heritage sites":http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/870 and is a fantastic place to spend the day. Compact and easily walkable, Nara is home to the *Great Buddha*, has beautiful parkland where deer roam freely, and some amazing temples from the early foundations of Japanese culture and civilisation. h4. A pick of the best: *Tōdai-ji 東大寺* : Nara's jewel in the crown, an enormous temple housing a gigantic bronze Buddha in the largest wooden building in the world. *Kōfuku-ji 興福寺* : The main temple for the Fujiwara family, after fires and power-struggles only a dozen buildings from the original temple complex remain, two being the magnificent Pagodas. *Nigatsu-dō & Sangatsu-dō 二月堂・三月堂* : Wander up the hill from the Daibutsu-den Hall to find these halls with amazing views across Nara. *Nara Kōen 奈良公園* : Many of Nara's sights can be found within the park. 1200 deer roam freely and are considered messengers of the gods. Now National Treasures you can feed them shika-senbei (deer biscuits) for ¥150, just watch out - they're sneaky! h4. Around Nara If you have more time to spend in the area, *Asuka* with its burial mounds of Japan's first emperors, or *Yoshino* _the_ destination for superb cherry blossom viewing can easily be reached with your "Japan Rail Pass":http://www.jrpass.com. If espionage and infiltration is more your thing visit "Koga-no Sato Ninja Village":http://koka.ninpou.jp/ where you can learn all there is to know about the *ninjutsu* way of life, buy imitation shuriken, watch a live demo and even dress as these spies of the shadows. h4. View more images of Nara on our Flickr page Kōfuku-ji, NaraKasuga Taisha, NaraNara's sacred deerDaibutsu-den Hall, NaraView from Nigatsu-dō, Nara photo Ari Bakker
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