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Utilising station lockers
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Utilising station lockers

Chances are to make the most of your time in Japan you’ll have planned an itinerary fit to burst, so what should you do with your luggage if you’re hopping from place to place?

Japan, being the efficient country it is, has plenty of coin lockers in major and minor stations to store your suitcase or backpack in for up to 3 calendar days (at busier stations times may vary so be sure to check the signs).

Sizes & Costs

Small (¥300) – approx. 35cm x 43cm x 57cm (13in x 16in x 22in) By far the most common size, found in large numbers at virtually all stations
Medium (¥400) – approx. 57cm x 43cm x 57cm (22in x 16in x 22in) Available in small numbers at major stations
Large (¥500) – approx. 117cm x 43cm x 57cm (44in x 16in x 22in) Available in very small numbers at major stations

Small and medium lockers will hold day rucksacks or medium sized rucksacks/weekend cases. The large lockers are big enough to hold a decent sized suitcase or large backpack.

What to do

  1. Use your Japan Rail Pass to exit the ticket gates
  2. Look for the Coin Locker or Luggage Room signs (in English)
    (If in doubt ask station personnel, they will be more than happy to help you. “Excuse me, where are the Coin Lockers?” Sumimasen ga, koin rokkā wa doko desu ka?)
  3. Choose a locker and place your bag inside
  4. Insert your ¥100 coins and lock the door (remember that you are paying up to the end of that calendar day. If you come back after that time you will have to insert the size-appropriate fee again per extra day to unlock the door)

The most important thing?

Take care of your key! Or you may have some tricky miming to perform to a station official!

photo Craig Anderson

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