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Join us for a live Tour of Shinjuku and Tokyo station
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Join us for a live Tour of Shinjuku and Tokyo station

While waiting for your next trip to Japan, why not join us on a live tour through Tokyo Station or see the Neon lights on Shinjuku.

Get hyped for your next trip to Tokyo with one of our live tours, explore Tokyo station or walk around the neon lid streets of Shinjuku. The tours are fully interactive, and you can chat and ask questions directly with the guides. The best part, these tours are completely FREE to join! To sign-up, see links at the bottom of the page.

Meet the guides

These experienced local guides will introduce you to the fascinating metropolis of Tokyo. Learn about hidden secrets and bests spots to visit, even before you arrive in Japan.


Eriko has been sharing her love of Japanese culture with people around the globe since 2017. In her words, Japan is beautiful, unique, and weird all at the same time! 

She's been lucky to have travelled to dozens of amazing countries, and she got a chance to live overseas, in Australia and Canada, for a couple of years. Being exposed to other cultures has given her a new lens to look at her hometown and its traditions. 

Her great-grandfather was a kimono craftsman in Tokyo, and today she is honoured to wear the kimonos that were passed down through generations. She is looking forward to exploring Japan and sharing a smile with you!


Japan has an incredible list of interesting aspects to explore. Be it history, culture, art, tradition, religion, or culinary delights - with Yusuke, you’ll get to discover all that Japan has to offer.  Yusuke is a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in Japan. Before foraying into the exciting world of travel and tourism, he worked in the IT industry for over three decades. If you're looking to understand Japanese business culture and social issues, he's your go-to guide. 

On his tours, you get to see one of the biggest megalopolises in the world, while learning about traditional Japanese culture and ideas. If you're lucky, you might find yourself getting a glimpse of old charming alleys or karaoke bars. He'll make sure you're welcomed, comfortable, and enjoy learning something new. 

Join his tour and explore “live” Japan together!

How to book

Bookings can be made through our partner Heygo. 

Click here to book the walk around Tokyo station with Eriko!

Click here to book the neon lights tour with Yusuke!

The next tour is this Friday, so don’t wait and sign-up! We can’t recommend either guide enough! Please note that we have a sign-up limit to keep the tours personal and ensure a good streaming experience.

Learn about the JR Pass

During the tour there will also be time to learn about the Japan Rail Pass, ask questions and get usage tips. We’ll also give you a free guide as thank you for joining us, this will be provided digitally after the tour. Our staff may also join in for a bit to answer any questions related to travel in Japan. Hope you see you there!

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