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do i need a jr pass?

Do I need a JR Pass?

I can't tell if a JR pass is a necessary purchase, please help!!
Family of 4, 3 "adults" and 1 "child."
Looking for the fastest trains

Arrive Osaka Airport at 5PM. Immediately get on train and go to Kyoto, staying near Kyoto Station. Stay 3 nights
Kyoto to Hiroshima-Stay 2 nights near Peace Park
Leave in the morning, Hiroshima to Osaka, stay one night near Osakananba Station
Next day go to Aquarium, then the Osaka Airport.

What do you think?
-RCWILLI from New Zealand


Hi RC!

Lets take a look at your costs:

  1. Kansai airport > Kyoto: ¥3,690 (75mins, 99km)
  2. Kyoto > Hiroshima: ¥10,590 (112mins, 380km)
  3. Hiroshima > Jr-namba: ¥9,950 (130mins, 357km)
  4. Jr-namba > Kansai airport: ¥1,030 (60mins, 49km)

JR ticket cost: ¥25,260 for 4 legs

As the 7 day pass costs ¥28,300, unless you do a further ¥3040 of JR travel I recommend you purchase tickets. If you think you will do this much more travel, then a 7 day pass would be a convenient choice. :)

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