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Rápido e seguro

Por favor confirme a data de chegada ao Japão. Este é o seu dia de retirada para o Pocket WiFi.Retorne seu dispositivo Pocket WiFi no dia:
Flight Number
Se disponível, coloque o número do seu voo. Desta forma, podemos manter sua ordem WiFi Pocket, mesmo em caso de atraso no plano.

Extra options

+ $1,00 / day
+ $5,00

Hotel information

Please double check the address details, you are responsible for providing the correct information. Your mobile WiFi will be delivered to the reception.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds are possible up to 4 days before selected WiFi pickup date. WiFi cancellations after this point are non refundable. Please contact us via [email protected] if you wish to cancel or change your order after purchase.

Disclaimer: The Pocket Wifi service is provided by NinjaWifi. For post sales support, please contact NinjaWifi directly. NinjaWifi is not affiliated with the JR Group or any subsidiary thereof. JRPass.com ltd. acts solely as introductory party, monetary charges related to the Pocket Wifi service are collected on behalf of NinjaWifi.

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