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How to use JR, and it is valid for this itinerary?

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I'm going to Japan during 12 of July to 26. I'm wondering if it worths to buy the 7 or the 14 days option.

I've organized this travel schedule (for now)

13 de Julio
- Kanda Manseibashi - Kanda Myjin - Yushima Seido Marunouchi
- Palacio imperial - Jardines imperiales del este 14 Julio
- Tokio Skytree - Parque Ueno - Templo Zojoji - Templo Sensoji Shibuya
- Estatua Hachiko - Cruce de Shibuya 15 Julio
Shinjuku station, comprar Hakone Free Pass.
- Lake Ashinoko - Old Tokaido - Sengokuhara - Castillo Odawara - Hakone Tozan Railway - Gora Park 16 Julio
- Nakano Broadway Ikebukuro
- J World Tokio - Animate - Kabuki- cho

17 Julio
- Takeshita Dori - Santuario Meiji - Parque Yoyogi

- Samurai Museum - Hanazono Shrine - Shinjuku Central Park - Jardín Nacional Shinjuku Gyoen - Golden Gai - Kabukicho 18 Julio

19 Julio


20-26 Kyoto. I'm planning to go to Hiroshima and Nara, and to the most amazing temples in Kyoto, like Kiyomizu Dera and Fushimi Inari

I have three questions:

1) Will the JR Pass cover my trips to Kawagoe and Nikko?

2) Is the JR of 14 days worth the money?Considering that i can activate during the last 7 days to go to Kioto, and by there, go to Hiroshima and Nara.

3) To use it in the normal trains through Tokio, and the Shinkansen. What do i have to do to use the JR Pass? Just show it to the guards?

Many thank you, hope you can help me.

Have a nice day.

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Hi there,

1.) Yes, both are included. Just be sure to use JR lines there and not private lines. For instance, Nikko also has the Tobu line, which is a privately help rail company.

2.) With the amount of travel, yes a 14 day JR Pass would be worth it. However I think you would get better value by buying normal tickets for Tokyo and using a 7 day JR Pass for travel to Kyoto and Hiroshima.

3.) It depends on what kind of seat you want to use. You can use a non-reserved seat by just showing the JR Pass and hopping on the train. Alternatively you can reserve a seat.

Nice travel plan btw!

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel San:

Thank you, i guess i'm going for the 7 days option then.

Greetings, have a nice day.

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