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naoshima in a 7 days jrpass?

Naoshima in a 7 Days JRPass?


I've gone thru some of Q's and seems your are the perfect guru to "evaluate" my itinerary ^_^

My trip is just around the corner and thinking to have architectural+leisure visit around/half japan for 7 days (am i ambitious or wat). Any help will much appreciated.

Generally the plan as follows:

Arrive @ Osaka around 4pm - spending whole evening walk around osaka

1) Osaka - church of light
2) Kobe - Hyugo Prefectural Museum of Art
3) Hiroshima
* Miyajima * overnite

1) Naoshima island
* Tenshima Art Museum * Chichu Art Museum

2) Kagawa
* Naruto Whirlpools

3) Awaji Island
* Water temple * Awaji Yamebutai * itake evening train to kyoto

1) Kyoto
* Fushimi Inari Shrine * Miho Museum * take evening train to tokyo

1) Tazawako via Akita Shinkansen - day trip @ onsen
2) back toTokyo
* Ghibli Museum * Toei Museum * overnight

1) Takayama - old city
2) Back to Nagoya

1) Nagoya-Osaka-to airport

Any comments/advice ?


Hi there,

That looks like a really varied trip but may be a little bit tough! I have some advice on some of the timing that may make things a little more relaxed.

Day 2

This day will be very busy - consider removing the Kobe stop if you can - Hiroshima and Miyajima from Osaka is a big enough trip in 1 day I think.

Day 3

I would certainly recommend reducing this day. Naoshima really needs a stopover on the island if possible. Travel from Miyajima to Uno will take 3 hours, and then you will still need to factor in another 2 hours on the Uno-Naoshima ferry and transport from Naoshima to the museums you intend to visit.

As you are on a time budget, maybe consider skipping Naoshima here and visit the other items on your list instead?

Day 5

I suspect here also you will be better off spending the day at museums rather than both - At 6 hours return, Tazawako is a nice option, but you don't want to spend all your time on the train!

Day 6

Consider staying the night in Takayama. I think that's a far better choice than Nagoya, unless you have to go to Nagoya for some other reason. Also, less time spent on the train.

hope this help!

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As expected from guru!! Thanx a lot Mari. I'll take ur recommendation then.

BTW ur avatar pic is a scuplture from Naoshima island rite? Nice!!! (and the same reason wanna go there)


That's right! Well spotted!

Taken on my last trip to Naoshima :)

If you have any other questions, just let me know.

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