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guide in transpo around osaka kyoto hyogo and hiroshima

guide in transpo around osaka kyoto hyogo and hiroshima

Hi, I'd like to share my 7 day itinerary and see what's best form of transpo around while staying in Tenma:
Day 1
Tuesday Kansai Airport to Osaka

                                Tenma to Dotonburi

Day 2
Wednesday Tenma to USJ
Day 3 Thursday Tenma to Osaka Castle/Namba/Shinsaibashi/Umeda
Day 4 Friday Tenma to Fushimiinari/ Arashimaya/Zenrinji Temple

                                  Zenrinji to Tenma

Day 5 Saturday Tenma to Imperial Palace/Gion/Kyoto Station
Day 6 Sunday Tenma to Himeji Castle, Hyogo

                                   Himeji Castle to Kinokasi Onsen Town

Day 7 Monday Kinokasi to Hiroshima

                                  Hiroshima to Tenma

Day 8 Tuesday Tenma to Kansai Airport

Do you suggest I get a guided tour? Appreciate your immediate feedback.



Hi Michelle,

I suggest learning to plan with Hyperdia. This way you can find any route in Japan without problems, both for local travel and long distance travel.

Japan is a very friendly place to explore and I you can visit everything without a tour. However this comes down to personal preference.

Hope this helps,

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