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4/12 through 4/21, 2012, JR rail pass check

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Hello, thank you for your time and effort. Itinerary is:

4/12, Arrive Narita, purchase 'Narita Express and Tokyo Metro combined travel package' if still available, night in Tokyo
4/13, Night at Tokyo
4/14, Activate JAL rail pass, train to Hiroshima, night at Hiroshima
4/15, Night at Hiroshima
4/16, Train to Masuda City, night at Masuda City
4/17, Night at Masuda City
4/18, Night at Masuda City
4/19, Train to Kyoto, night at Kyoto
4/20, Train to Tokyo, night at Tokyo
4/21, Flight out

The two questions I have are: is the 'Narita express and tokyo metro combined travel package' still available for purchase and on 4/21, will the JR rail pass still be active or would the train fares on this day, be out of pocket? Thanks in advance, looking forward to this trip!

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Hi there,

Looks like a great trip!

Yes, the combined narita express and suica deal is still available to purchase from the jr ticket office at narita airport. Once you arrive please ask at the ticket counter for more details.

As the Japan rail pass validity is measured in days, if you activate your rail pass on the 14th, its last day of use will be the 20th. This means on the 21st you would have to purchase your travel back to narita airport. How about buying a narita express return and suica combined package on arrival? This will cover your travel and will only have slightly more cost.

Hope this helps!

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há aproximadamente 6 anos

Perfect, thanks again

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