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tokyo - kawaguchiko - kyoto

Tokyo - Kawaguchiko - Kyoto


I am to be staying in a Ryokan in the Kawaguchiko area for Mount Fuji. I see from hyperdia that from Tokyo it is easy with a train from Shinjuku, one change I think. Is that correct? Is it easy to get to or is journey long?

Also we then go to Kyoto. I am not sure what is best way to do.

I was thinking maybe drive from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko and then for Kyoto take car to Shin-Yokohama and get train from there to Kyoto. Is that too much driving?

Many thanks


Hi there,

I don't have a lot of driving experience in Japan, as the public transport network is generally very good. So I can't really comment on it. I suggest looking up the routes you would drive in Google Maps and ask yourself if you find it manageable.

The train from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko does indeed have on transfer at Otsuki station.

To travel from Kawaguchiko - Kyoto using the JR Pass. Travel back to Otsuki station. From there use a local line to Tokyo station and there you can use the Shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto.

Hope this helps,

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