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itinerary validity for jr pass 7 days

Itinerary validity for jr pass 7 days

Hello, I'm just wondering if let's say I purchase the Jrpass 7 days. Can it be used unlimitedly to the locations in visiting. Such as going to and fro with shinkansen to himeji, Hiroshima and Kamakura.

I'm asking because I heard shinkansen can only be used one way instead of to and fro. I'm planning to use the pass most likely from day 3 onwards.

Day 1 (26/1)– Arrival in Osaka.
Day 2 (27/1)-Universal Japan
Day 3 (28/1)- Nara and Osaka city Day 4 (29/1)- Head to Kyoto, Explore city
Day 5 (30/1)- Himeji
Day 6 (31/1)- Hiroshima
Day 7 (1/2)- Shiragawa
Day 8 (2/2)- Leave shiragawa. Head to Tokyo
Day 9 (3/2)- Tokyo/ Kamakura

Day 10 (4/2)- Tokyo
Day 11 (5/2)- Tokyo
Day 12 (6/2)- Tokyo


Hello there,

The JR Pass does provide unlimited travel for the entire validity period and all the cities you mention are included. This also goes for the Shinkansen, you can use it as many times as you like. You could spend on the whole day on the Shinkansen is that's your thing :)

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