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is it economical to buy the jr pass for my itinerary?

Is it economical to buy the JR Pass for my itinerary?

I arrive Narita on Feb. 5 and will stay in Tokyo until Feb. 8.
Feb. 6 - Disney Sea
Feb. 7 - Mr. Fuji
Feb. 8 - train to Osaka
Feb. 9 - Universal Studio
Feb. 10 - Kyoto/Nara
Feb. 11 - return Tokyo by train
Feb. 12 - explore surrounding cities by bus/train
Feb. 13 - Leave Tokyo for home

Is it better for me to buy a JR Pass or should I just get a JR EAst pass? Please help. Thanks


Hi there,

I recommend using a 7 day Japan Rail Pass for your itinerary. The 7 day JR Pass is about the same price as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Osaka, so adding in any additional travel is where savings can be made.

The JR East Pass only covers the JR East area, which is mostly north of Tokyo, while you'll be traveling in a different direction.

Hope this helps,

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