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20 days in japan!

20 days in Japan!

Hi! Thanks a lot for helping us all! I would like to ask you about an itinerary I've arranged.
I have fixed most of the days, but the last days of my stay in Japon are not decided yet.

6 april Avión Tokio Tokio
7 april Tokio Kamakura Tokio
8 april Tokio Nikko Tokio
9 april Tokio Tokio Hakone
10 april Hakone Hakone Kioto
11 april Kioto Kioto Kioto
12 april Kioto Kioto Kioto
13 april Kioto Kioto Hiroshima
14 april Hiroshima Miyajima Miyajima
15 april Miyajima Miyajima Osaka
16 april Osaka Koyasan Koyasan
17 april Koyasan Nara Kioto

Where to go from 18 to 25th april (plane from Tokio in the evening)? I think one more day in Kioto and 3 days in Tokio would do, but what about the rest?



Hi German,

There are more that enough possible option out there! Why not travel a little of the beaten path and go down to Shikoku for a day or two or go more southern and visit places such as Nagasaki and Fukuoka? An other option would be to spend a day more in Osaka or stop for a night in Nagoya on the way back to Tokyo. There's really a lot out there.

I could give you some more specific recommendations if you tell me what you are interested in.

Other places worth considering are Matsue (near Hiroshima), Beppu in Kyushu for a good onsen or visit Hakone for some beautiful nature and views of Fuji.

Hope this helps!

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