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everything plus some!

Everything plus some!

Lots and Lots of questions! I will be flying in to Tokyo (Narita) from Beijing June 8th and will hopefully take a train from there (after stopping buy a friends place to drop of some luggage) to Hiroshima arriving late at night. Does the JR Pass work on the N'EX line?

June 8- Arrive in Tokyo and Leave for Hiroshima (Being optimistic that flight and customs will go smoothly to make it to Hiroshima that evening!!)
June 9 - Travel Hiroshima and Miyajima-guchi
June 10 - Leave Hiroshima and Travel to Nara and then to Osaka that evening
June 11-12 - Kyoto (Suggestions as to what to do there?
June 13-15 - Return to Tokyo for the weekend
June 16 - Mt. Fuji
June 17-19 - Tokyo
June 20 - Leave

Planning on a 7 day pass, which is why I'm cramming my out of Tokyo traveling so tightly together to make use of 6/7 days I have the pass. Also, what do you suggest as the best way to travel over to the Mt. Fuji area since my pass will have expired by then? Another question is what is the best/cheapest way to get around Tokyo? I know in other cities like Hiroshima they have day passes that you can use, is that a thing in Tokyo?

Thank you so much!


Hi there!

That's not too many questions ;)
Let's get started right away, the JR Pass certainly is valid on the Narita Express and makes for a great start with your pass. It also covers the complete route to Hiroshima and the ferry to Miyajima but you may already have known that. All together you are making some very good savings for sure.

There are a couple of options for travel to Fuji, the cheapest beeing a high way bus from Shinjuku or Tokyo station to Kawaguchiko. These start around 1,700yen for one way.

For travel around Tokyo: You could either buy an IC card such as Suica or use a day pass such as the Tokyo Metro 1 Day Pass which is 710 yen and allows for unlimited rides for a single day, it's rather useful when you go on a sightseeing run.

Hope this helps!

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Another question! I know they did a big merger for IC cards throughout Japan (at least all the places I will be traveling too).

I had intetions of buy a Suica card while in Tokyo but my concern is (that this site caused) is that the Suica brand IC card won't work in Hiroshima but the Hiroshima ICOCA card will work in Tokyo? Or do IC card even work with the Hiroshima Electrick Railway?

Thank you!


It may all seem complicated but it's all pretty straightforward. All IC cards are interchangeable, so you can use the Suica card in Osaka but also in Hiroshima. Alternatively ICOCA will work in both Tokyo and Hiroshima. I am not completely sure about the Hiroshima Electric Railway, in the worst case you'd have to buy a normal ticket :)

Hope this answers your question!

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