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narita-kyoto-kanazawa and more

Narita-Kyoto-Kanazawa and more

Dear dir/madam,

Could you inform my which of the following rides would be covered by the JR pass and if any other passes (such as Kansai thru pass) would be needed.

Day 1 Narita-Kyoto

Day 3 Kyoto-Nara

Day 4 Nara-Kyoto

Day 5 Kyoto-Koya san

Day 7 Koya san - Kyoto

Day 8 Kyoto - Kanazawa

Day 11 Kanazawa - Kamikochi

Day 13 Kamikochi - Tokyo

Day 14 Tokyo - Narita


Hello there,

The JR Pass covers nearly all of your itinerary, though some places will require additional tickets. These are:

Travel between Osaka and Koya, here you can either purchase normal ticket or use a Koya Heritage pass.

Also the bus between Matsumoto and Kamikochi is not covered by the JR Pass, all else is included in the JR Pass.

Hope you find this useful,

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Thanks so much Daniel,

I have a few more questions in case we change our plans. Are the following routes also covered?

  • Kyoto to Kinosaki (Hyogo prefecture)

  • Osaka to Iya valley (particularly the train between Okayama and Oboke on Shikoku)

  • The shinkansen from Kanazawa to Tokyo (in case we decide not to visit Kamikochi)

Thanks very much for your help!


Hi again!

Yes, all these routes are covered and included in the JR Pass! I have not visited the Iya Valley myself but Kinosaki-Onsen is amazing!

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