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kyoto to kawaguchiko station with jr a rail pass- please help!

Kyoto to Kawaguchiko Station with JR a Rail pass- Please help!


We are trying to find the best way to get from Kyoto to Mt. Fuji (Kawaguchiko Station). Please help!

Starting address: Capsule Ryokan Kyoto (204 Tsuchihashicho, Kyoto Kyoto-fu 600-8226)
Destination: Konansou Ryokan (4020-1 Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko Yamanashi-ken 401-0301)

Is it possible to use our JR rail passes to get all the way to our destination? Any suggestions on how to get there would be great!

Thank you!


Hello there,

Kawaguchiko does not have a JR station. You can use the Fujikyu railway company from Otsuki to Kawaguchi-ko station. A one way is 1,140yen and not included in the JR Pass.

For details see:

Hope this helps,

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