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is it possible to visit from osaka to nabano sato at night?

Is it Possible to Visit from Osaka to Nabano Sato at night?

Hi there,

I plan to visit japan next week with draft itinerary (still unfinished) as below :

Day 1 : Tokyo (only around shinjuku, harajuku, ginza, etc)
Day 2 : Tokyo - Kawasaki (Doraemon Museum, Sensoju Temple, Hananomai Ryokoku Kokugikanmae )
Day 3 : Yamanouchi (Monkey Park)
Day 4 : Tokyo (Mt. Fuji, Lake Yamanaka, Onsen, Gotemba FO)
Day 5 : Heading Osaka (spend night in Osaka), Nabano Sato ?
Day 6 : Osaka & Kyoto (fushimi inari & Otagi Nrnbutsu-ji)
Day 7 : Osaka & Heading Tokyo
Day 8 : Tokyo (owl cafe, etc..)

This is my 3rd visit to japan, but my 1st time using JR Pass. I am not sure whether some destination on my itinerary will be covered by JR Pass, so my questions some of my questions are :

  1. Is it possible to use JR Pass to visit Monkey Park at Yamanouchi Town?
  2. Is it possible to use JR Pass for trip to Mount Fuji area and Gotemba ?
  3. If I have a plan to visit Nabano Sato at night (during my stay in Osaka), is it possible to use JR Pass to get back to Osaka at night? (let say, i will finish my trip in Nabano Sato around 8 or 9 PM.)

Many thanks for your help! :)

warm regards,


Hi Ayu,

1.) Most of the way is covered, you can use the JR Pass up to Nagano station. From there additional travel (either the bus or a private railway) is required for the last part to Yamanouchi.

2.) Travel to Gotemba is covered, Lake Yamanaka does require additional transport.

3.) The last train to Osaka departs at 22:17, so you can certainly do this.

All together, you will make outstanding use of the JR Pass, even with some parts that are not included.

Hope this helps,

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Daniel San,

Thank youuu..


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