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what pass should i get?

What pass should I get?


My itinerary is as follows:
22nd March Snowboarding (Hakuba)
23rd March Snowboarding
24th March Snowboarding
25th March Snowboarding
26th March Kyoto
27th March Kyoto
28th March Kyoto
29th March Hiroshima
30th March Miyajima
31st March Osaka
1st April Osaka
2nd April Hakone
3rd April Tokyo
4th April Nikko
5th April Tokyo
6th April Tokyo / Disney
7th April Tokyo Disney
8th April Tokyo Disney
9th April Tokyo Disney
10th April Train to Narita early morning

A few queries:
1. Will it be busy enough over this period to justify getting a green car pass?
2. Should I get a 7 14 or 21 day pass? Could we get a bus to Hakuba when we arrive (after exchanging pass and picking wifi! We arrive at lunch time)
3. If I get a 7 or 14 day pass - is it easy enough to book trains for the outstanding days?

Many thanks!


Hi Diane,

1.) There is plenty of travel here, especially the routes Hakuba - Kyoto, Kyoto - Hiroshima and Osaka - Hakone are considerable long trips and it would definitely be nice to have a Green Class seat. At the same time it is added luxery and ordinary class would be good too.

2.)My recommendation would be to use a 14 day JR Pass and cover travel after Hakuba. Be sure to exchange the JR Pass beforehand as there is no exchange station near Hakuba.

3.) Yes, getting tickets is easy. Especially since the other days are only local within Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the response.

With regards to exchanging the pass - could I do this at Narita airport? Also - does that mean it starts from that point? Or do I then need to do something else to activate it in Hakuba?

Many thanks,


Hi Diane,

Here's how to activate the JR Pass at Narita Airport:

You can simply start using it from Hakuba. Just be sure to set the correct starting date when exchanging the JR Pass at Narita Airport.

Hope this helps,

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