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jr pass midnight validity

JR Pass midnight validity


I have a quick question, if anyone knows the answer and is willing to help me I will be grateful. :)

On the last day of my JR Pass validity, I will board the LTD. EXP SUNRISE SETO in Himeji at 23:35 towards Yokohama (arrival at 6:44). I plan to use a nobinobi seat (since its in November mid-week, I hope that I can grab a seat if I book it one-week in advance).

My question: Is my trip fully covered bu the JR Pass? I am assuming it is based on this quote: If you happen to be on board of a train at midnight, the Japan Rail Pass remains valid until the end of your journey, i.e. until you leave your final station through the ticket gates.

Thank you!


Hi there,

Yes you are allowed the finish riding the train that you are on, given that you board the train before midnight.

Does that answer your question?

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Hi Daniel,

Yes it does, thank you. The problem is I asked in some other places too and somebody else told me I have to pay the full price...



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