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Luggage lost in JR line from Hamamasucho to Haneda on 20 Jul at 15:35 pm

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Dear JR pass,

My name is Ms Nguyen Thu Ha, a JRPass holder with passport No 2417667 from Vietnam.

On the way to Haneda Airport from Hamamasucho to Haneda international terminal with Tokyo Monorail, on 20Jul 2016, at 15.35 pm, when I got off the train, I forgot an Uniqlo plastic bag which contains some Uniqlo trousers, 1 small bag and some other clothes I bought from Modeoff shop. I left this bag on the luggage holder near the door, not in the seat with me.

I write this email to sincerely ask you to check and advise me if you have found it back for me as these clothes and bag are very important to me that I love very much.

Thank you so much and awaiting your soon reply.

Ha Nguyen

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Hi Ha Nguyen,

I am very sorry to hear about your lost items.

This is a public forum and outside of giving you advise, there's not that much we can do directly. Generally the best thing to do, is go to the lost and found department on the last station. This is likely Haneda Airport or Hamamatsucho if you train returned.

You can also try to contact JR East by phone via:

Good luck!

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Thanks Daniel. I found it already!

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