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Two weeks in Japan - 7 or 14 days JRP?

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My husband and I are going to spend 2 weeks in Japan this october. This is the plan of our journey :

Tokyo 11-13.10.2015 - 2 nights
Jokohama (13-14.10)
Kamakura (14-15.10)
Kioto (15-18.10) - 3 nights
Nara (18-19.10)
Osaka (19-20.10)
Hiroshima (20-21.10)
Nikko (21-22.10)
Tokyo 22-24.10.2015 - 2 nights


We're going to stay in Tokyo for the first 2 and the last 2 days of our vacations. In the middle we want to visit some of the Japanese cities. While we're in Tokyo, we would probably like to move by Metro.
Our plan includes buying JP Rail Pass from 15-21 October. It would be activated and valid first from Kamakura on 15 October and ending in Nikko on 21 October. Will we be able to activate JRP in Kamakura station?

We wonder, if we should buy 7- or 14-days Japan Rail Pass. Is it better (and cheaper) to buy the 7-days JRP and buy separate tickets for the other connections and all-day tickets for Tokyo metro, as we planned to do, or should we buy 14-day JRP?

Yours sincirely, Agnieszka

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Hi Agnieszka,

You've already made the right decision: going for a 7 day JR Pass is what I would recommend as well. You can make big savings by using it from 15-21 October. For the rest you will be fine with buying normal tickets. Going from Nikko - Tokyo can be expansive if you use the Shinkansen, so I recommend using local lines instead.

The JR Pass can't be activated at Kamakura station, so do so beforehand in Tokyo or at the Airport. A full list of exchange stations can be found here.

Nice itinerary btw, you'll see both the modern and traditional side of Japan.

All the best!

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