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tokyo stations

Tokyo stations


I am travelling to Tokyo from Kyoto Sunday morning with my JR pass and was just wondering what station in Tokyo the bullet train will stop at?

I need to check into my hotel in Nihonbashi but then need to meet a friend at Shinagawa bus station.

Would it be easier to just go straight to Shinagawa? Is it easy and straight forward getting from Nihonbashi to Shinagawa? I will need to do it in about half an hour.




Hi Jim,

In Tokyo the Tokaido bullet train (Kyoto-Tokyo) stops at Shinagawa and Tokyo stations. Nihonbashi is easily accessible from Tokyo station which takes about 5-10 minutes by train from Shinagawa (sample itinerary).

I think you could probably make the roundtrip in 30 minutes if you wanted to drop your bags off at the hotel, but if you're on a really tight schedule you should store your bags in a coin locker at Shinagawa and then pick them up after your meet your friend. We have a blog post on coin lockers here and there are many available at Shinagawa.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks again mari!!!


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