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jrp problem

JRP Problem

Hi there I will be travelling Asia from January until July. During this time I will be in Japan from 27th of may until the 27th of June. My plan is to order the JRP on the 28th of February to my home in the UK, where my dad will then bring them with him on his flight on the 4th of March to meet me in Indonesia. Will the pass be delivered to him in time?
Also if I order the pass on the 28th of February will I be able to activate my pass on the 27th of may (when I arrive) to start using it on the 2nd of June (when I leave Tokyo) ?

Hi there,

We have overnight delivery in the UK (when using expedited shipping), so your pass will arrive in time.

You can activate the JR Pass within 3 months after issue and then select a first date of use within 30 days. In other words, your plan works.

Note that the 28th of Feb is a Sunday, so we will issue your pass the day after.

Kind regards,

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