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I have purchased a 7-days JR Pass. Arriving Heneda at about 23:00 on 16th December. Questions:
1. I Plan to spend 3 nights in Tokyo. Is my JR pass acceptable to travel on Tokyo Metro and Buses?

  1. on the 19th I am going to spend s night in Hakone sightseeing before moving to Kyoto on the 20th December. Can you suggest how I should travel to Hakone?

  2. I plan to take the earliest train from Shinjuku where I will be staying for 3 nights to maximise my one day sightseeing in Hakone. How to sightsee Hakone without my luggage as the Hotel Senki which I would stay for the night specified earliest check-in is 3 pm.

  3. What is the most convenient way to sightsee Hakone within the one day I have?

  4. Is there any interesting nightlife in Hakone?

  5. How do I get to Kyoto from Hakone?

Thank You

Thaw Sing

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Hi Thaw Sing,

The JR Pass is valid on all JR lines in Tokyo and Tokyo Monorail which cover most of the metropolis, other transport types such as the metro are do not accept the JR Pass.

Going to your questions:
1.) I'd recommend taking the Shinkansen from Tokyo or Shinagawa station to Odawara. This way you get to ride the bullet train which only 35minutes. Odawara is the gateway station for Hakone, from here you can use local transport to explore the area. The bullet train ride to Odawara is covered by the JR Pass but you may have to pay for local transport in Hakone.

2.) I would recommend to make use of a coin locker which are available in large quantities at any station. Some are big enough to store a suitcase. There's also a baggage service at Tokyo Station which can hold on to your suitcases while you explore Japan.

3.) Consider a Hakone Free Pass for your travel there, it covers all kinds of transport and is a great addition to your JR Pass.

4.) This you will have to find out for yourself :)
(I honestly don't know).

5.) To get to Kyoto, return to Odawara station from which you can take a bullet train directly to Kyoto.

I hope this helps!

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