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should i get a pass?

Should I get a pass?

Hi! I will be in japan April 9-20, but my itinerary is such where I'm not sure about getting a 7 day or 14, or one at all!

April 9th arrive Tokyo at 10pm
April 10th- travel to iwakuni/Hiroshima
April 12th- travel to zushi city
April 13th- kamakura
April 14th- April 16- Tokyo
April 17-20- Nara/Kyoto

I can't change my schedule so that Tokyo is not smack in the middle. Any advice?



Hi there Kay,

I was wondering will you be flying back from Tokyo or Kansai and which what Airport?

With your current itinerary you could make the following savings with the JR-Pass.

Tokyo --> Hiroshima ¥ 18,050
Hiroshima Iwakuni 1,440
Hiroshima --> Zushi City ¥ 18,050
Zushi --> Kamakura ¥ 150
Kamakura --> Tokyo ¥ 890
Tokyo --> Kyoto ¥ 13,220
Kyoto Nara (return) ¥ 1,380
Kyoto --> To Airport?

For a total of ¥ 53,180 the 14-day JRPass is ¥ 45,100, so you could at least ¥ 8,080. And possibly also use to pass to travel to and from the Airport.

Hope this helps,

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I will be flying out of the Narita airport, so I think going back to tokyo first.
Your information was very helpful. I guess the 14 day is the way to go then?


Yes if you go back to Tokyo and Narita Airport you would add an other 10,000-15,000Yen to the total savings so a 14-day JR pass will work out great for you!

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