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I am planning a 2 weeks backpack travel to Japan in next April. This is my first time going to Japan and apparently I having hard time of planning the train. I wanna to know if it is worth to apply JR pass for 2 weeks. Cause I find it quite expensive. Each place I only intend to stay for 3-4 days except Hakone,Nara and Kobe which will be 1 day trip.


Hi there,

I checked your itinerary and would recommend buying normal tickets for this one. The only expensive ticket is between Hakone - Kyoto which is ¥ 12,290.

Travel within Kansai itself is very cheap too. What you could find useful is an IC card such as Suica which you can use to travel around.

You can find more time about it via:]

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Hi Daniel-san,

Thanks for the infor, for the 1 day trip to these 3 places Hakone,Nara and Kobe, I won't be staying over there so I will be back to:

Tokyo- Hakone- Tokyo then go Kyoto
Kyoto-Nara-Kyoto then Osaka

This won't effect the price too? How much does its cost from Tokyo/Shinagawa( as I still unsure for the itierary in Tokyo esp for the accommodation) to Kyoto when taking Shinkansen? Onli JR-Tokaido Shinkansen will then travel to Kyoto?


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