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yet another 7/14 day pass question

Yet another 7/14 day pass question

Hi Daniel-san,

Thanks for yor help so far. Due to flight cancellation we have modified our itinerary once again and here is the (hopefully) final version:

07/09/14 Osaka (Sleep: Osaka)
08/09/14 Osaka (Sleep: Osaka)
09/09/14 Daytrip to Nara (Sleep: Osaka)
10/09/14 Daytrip to Hiroshima (Sleep: Osaka)
11/09/14 Koyasan (Sleep: Koyasan)
12/09/14 Koyasan/Kyoto (Sleep: Koyto)
13/09/14 Kyoto (Sleep: Koyto)
14/09/14 Kyoto (Sleep: Koyto)
15/09/14 Hida Takayama (Sleep: Nagoya)
16/09/14 Hakone (Sleep: ?)
17/09/14 Hebara Beach? / Tokyo? (Sleep: Tokyo)
18/09/14 Tokyo (Sleep: Tokyo)
19/09/14 Tokyo (Sleep: Tokyo)
20/09/14 Daytrip to Kamakura (Sleep: Tokyo)
21/09/14 Tokyo? / Daytrip to Nikko? (Sleep: Tokyo)
22/09/14 Tokyo? / Osaka ? (23pm flight from Osaka)

Could you please advise whether we should go with a 14 day pass or 7 day pass + some local passes please?

Thanks so much again!




Hi Tom!

Sorry to hear your flight got canned! Hope you won't have to make any adjustments after this one.

I checked your itinerary for the best JR Pass/Ticket options and would advise a 14 day JR Pass for sure. I first thought that a 7 day pass would be enough until I saw the return to Osaka and Kansai AIrport on the 22/09. This trip alone will almost pay for the upgrade from the 7 day JR Pass to the 14 day JR Pass. Add in the extra travel and it's a bargain.

Given that you'll need the JR Pass on 22/09, you could start using it on 09/09 meaning that pretty much all of your travel is covered.

Hope this helps!

PS: Certainly make the day trip to Nikko, it's not to be missed!

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Thanks so much Daniel! Well this one is the final one I hope ;-)

Just one last question - where do we have to pay extra - I am aware of Tokyo and Koyasan. Anywhere else?

Thanks again, have a good day ;-)



Hi Tom,

The only other place where you may have to use different transport is within Hakone. The JR Pass covers travel to Odawara station, the base station for Hakone. From there you will have to use other transport throughout the area.

Have a great day!

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Thanks mate!


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