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worthwhile to buy a 7days jr pass

Worthwhile to buy a 7days JR pass


I have mapped out the following itinerary. Pls advise if a 7 day JR pass would get me around to cover my whole trip.

Day 1
morning: arrive Nagoya NGO Airport 9am
Booked 2 nights at Takayama. (Stay within 300m of Takayama Station)
(18-20 June)

Day 2 - day trip to Shirakawa Unesco site

Day 3
Leave Takayama for Unazuki-Onsen stay 2 nights
(20-22 June)

Day 5
Leave Unazuki-Onsen for Kyoto

Day 5-9
Will remain and explore whole of Kyoto. No intent to go Kobe/Nara

Day 9
Fly home from Osaka

Is JR pass applicable for the entire journey? We do not want to waste too much time traveling.

Appreciate any kind advice. Thank you in advance.




Hello Vee,

For this route its better to buy normal tickets or look at an regional pass, like a Hokuriku area pass. This because the cost of travel on this route is somewhat limited and the bus to Shirakawa-go is not included in the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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