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worth to get the jr hokkaido pass

Worth to get the JR Hokkaido Pass


i) I would like to seek your advice if it is economical to get the 7 days JR Hokkaido Pass for my trip

2 & 3 June - CTS airport to Nakajima-Kōen Station (中島公園駅). Explore Sapporo
4 June - Travel from Nakajima-Kōen Station to Otaru. Explore Otaru
5 June - Travel from Otaru to Furano.
6 - 7 Jun - Explore Furano, Biel and Asahikawa Zoo
8 Jun - Travel from Furano to Asahikawa airport

or it may be cheaper to make use of discount tickets/passes eg Furano Biei Rail Ticket, Sapporo Subway 1-Day Card.

2) In addition, could i also get your advice on the places / attractions for the above locations ie Sapporo, Otaru, Furano, Biel. If possible, it would be helpful to advice the travel information/directions ie how to travel to the attraction.

3) Lastly, just to check if the JR Hokkaido pass can be used for the Nanboku Subway to Nakajima Koen Station.

thank you.


Hello there,

1.) Going up to Asahikawa/Furano is not enough to make savings with Hokkaido pass. Therefor it's better to look up an alternative, like the Biei - Furona ticket or just buy normal tickets as you travel.

2.) Otaru is easy to travel to, just take the train from Sapporo to Otaru station and walk from there. Beie and Furano both have their own stations as well. From there local access is very well explained. If you want a bit more information per location simple do a google search "Placename + Access"

3.) The Subway in Sapporo is not covered by the Hokkaido pass.

Hope this helps,

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