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worth my while to get the jr pass?

Worth my while to get the JR Pass?


I am wondering if it is worth my while to get the JR pass. I will be in Japan from august 26th -Sept 3rd. I fly into KIX and plan to go to Osaka, then move onto Kyoto (and hopefully if i have time go to Hiroshima). I will then move on to tokyo and fly home on sept 3rd from Tokyo. Judging by the information i have read on this website I can you use the JR pass from KIX to Osaka, from Osaka to Kyoto and for the bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo. and for everything in this correct? does this include subway/metro use?

I am wondering if I will get value for money with the JR pass?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your time


Hello KP,

This would really depend on, whether you make the visit to Hiroshima or not. Making a return from Osaka - Hiroshima is over ¥ 20,460yen which pays for the better part of the 7 day JR Pass (¥ 29,110). This way you would get great value out of the JR Pass.

I would suggest buying normal ticket if you don't visit Hiroshima as the JR Pass would not be put to good use if you only travel from Kyoto - Tokyo.

The JR Pass covers local travel between KIX - Osaka - Kyoto as well as the local JR Network in Osaka, Kyoto in Tokyo. In Osaka and Tokyo this is generally enough to get around the city. The metro is not included.

Hope this helps!

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Hello Daniel

This is very helpful information. Thank you

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