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worth it to get 14 day vs. 7 day?

Worth it to get 14 day vs. 7 day?


We will be traveling to Japan on March 6. Our itinerary is as follows:

Arrive in Tokyo on March 7-11
March 11-12 Takayama
March 12-15 Kyoto
March 15-17 Osaka
March 17-18 Miyajama (Hiroshima on morning of the 17th)
March 18-20 Tokyo

I was thinking that because we may only activate the JR pass on the 11, that would cover us until the 18, and we would just need to purchase one way from Miyajama to Tokyo. Would it be worth getting a 7 day plus one way to Tokyo from Miyajama or would we be better to get the 14 day?



Hi there,

I'd definitely recommend a 14 day JR Pass for this trip. A 7 day JR Pass would have worked very well if you could fit in all your travel from Day 11-18 within 7 days, right now though it is effectively a period of 8 days (the 11th is counted as a full day).

A one way ticket Tokyo - Hiroshima is over 18,000yen, while the difference in price between a 7 day and 14 day JR Pass is 17280. You'll also get 7 days extra of unlimited travel for this price, which can come in handy in Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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