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worth for 7 days jr pass & itinerary check

Worth for 7 Days JR Pass & Itinerary Check

Hi , I'm from Malaysia . This will be my first time to Japan for 14 Days from 04/04/2015 - 16/04/2015. Below is my itinerary :-

Day 1 04/04/15 - OSAKA - Arrive 2300
Day 2 05/04/15 - OSAKA
Day 3 06/04/15 - OSAKA
Day 4 07/04/15 - OSAKA

Day 5 07/04/15 - (JR Day 1) OSAKA - KYOTO (Start activate the JR Pass)
Day 6 08/04/15 - (JR Day 2) KYOTO
Day 7 09/04/15 - (JR Day 3) KYOTO
Day 8 10/04/15 - (JR Day 4) Day Trip to KYOTO / NARA / KYOTO
Day 9 11/04/15 - (JR Day 5) KYOTO - TOKYO
Day 10 12/04/15 - (JR Day 6) Day Trip to TOKYO / HAKONE / TOKYO
Day 11 13/04/15 - (JR Day 7) TOKYO DISNEYLAND

Day 12 14/04/15 - TOKYO
Day 13 15/04/15 - TOKYO
Day 14 16/04/15 - TOKYO (Departure on 2345)

My questions as following:-

1) We arrive at Kansai Airport 2300 (waiting for our luggages, queuing for custom, and look for the way out so it might be until 1a.m ) so there still have any train in this time and what type of train should I use to go to my hotel and which station should I exist ?

Located at 1-9-7, Sennichimae, Chuou-ku, Namba/ Shinsaibashi, Osaka,Japan .

2) For the TOKYO itinerary will it be too tight and rush for the first time travel to TOKYO? If cancel the day trip to HAKONE will it be much more better ?

3) For the above 13 days itinerary is it worth to buy a 7 Days JR PASS? Else which passes should I buy ?

4) Is it too late to buy the JR PASS for next few days and enough time to send the exchange Order to me ? I'm from Malaysia and I will be arrive on 04/04/15.

5) Can I activate my JR PASS on the day 08/04/15 and straight using it from OSAKA to KYOTO? or need to activate the day ?

6) From 05/04/15 - 07/04/15 OSAKA and 15/14/15 - 16/04/15 TOKYO what train / passes should I use (Suica Card or ICOCA? 3 day pass? ) ? Pls advise me .

Thanks for your guys help and do appreciate it .



Hello Joanne,

1.) 23:00 is indeed late at Kansai Airport, general procedures take about 40 minutes but it is good to prepaid in case you may have to stay longer/later at the airport. The real problem is that trains stop service at midnight. The last service to Namba departs Kansai Airport at 23:40. The later option is the night bus from Kansai Airport departing at 00:15 from Terminal two or 00:30. This is pretty much the last option, from only expansive taxi's will take you into Osaka.

2.) Hakone is easy to visit from Tokyo, making a day trip does not make it a rush trip. Of course spending the night in Hakone can be very nice too.

3.) I would advise buying normal train ticekts as you travel. The JR Pass would be a great option when used for a return trip Tokyo - Osaka but for this itinerary the cost of normal tickets is below that of the JR Pass.

4.) We can ship the JR Pass in time to Malaysia in case you still want one.

5.) The JR Pass can be activated at any major station in Japan and this can be done up to 30 days before you start using it. A full list of train stations can be found here.

6.) You could buy an IC card (such as Suica or ICOCA) to make your travel a lot more convenient. These days IC cards are usable everywhere in Japan and they are basically all the same now.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your prompt replied.

May I know if I take the last option which is go to my hotel (OSAKA FLORAL INN NAMBA) by taxi roughly need how much ? and how about by night bus ? Normally night bus from Terminal 2 will going to reach which Station in d end ? from the bus station we need to transfer to taxi to go to our hotel in Namba right ?

Tq for your help .



Hi Joanne,

A taxi will most likely set you back over 20,000yen from Kansai Airport. I think that you can walk from Namba station to your hotel.

Sorry I forgot to link the night bus timetable/website, so here it is.

The price is 1,550yen / one way.

I also found this later bus service into Osaka, although it does not stop near Namba and you'd have to use a taxi for the last part. This would be a cheaper option though.

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Daniel , thank you so much for your useful information . Much appreciate it and have a nice day to you. =)


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