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who is eligible to use a japan rail pass?

Who is eligible to use a Japan Rail Pass?

My wife and I, citizens of USA, are planning on visiting our son and his wife, who have been teaching in Japan for the past 1.5 years. They are also US citizens. We would like to travel around Japan via rail for one week. May we purchase a rail pass for our son and his wife as well as for ourselves?

Thank you so much!


Hi there,

As long as you and your wife enter Japan using the 'Temporary Visitor' visa (issued to tourists staying up to 90 days), you will be eligible for a Japan Rail Pass. However, as your son and his wife are unlikely to have this visa they will unfortunately not be eligible.

We have more on the visa eligibility on our blog.

Sorry to be the bearer of this news, but JR are very strict on this issue.

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