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which pass/how many days?

Which pass/how many days?

We will be in Japan in October for a total of 21 days. Aside from the easy answer of a 21 day pass, are there other options I should consider (a combination of regional passes)? Or would it make more sense to buy a 14 day pass, starting at day 8, when we head to Nagasaki?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Day 1 – Arrive at KIX (overnight in airport hotel)
Day 2 – Kagoshima (early morning flight)
Day 3 – Kagoshima
Day 4 – Kumamoto
Day 5 – Kumamoto
Day 6 – Kurokawa (rental car for two days)
Day 7 – Kurokawa
Day 8 – Nagasaki
Day 9 – Nagasaki
Day 10 – Nagasaki
Day 11 – Fukuoka
Day 12 – Fukuoka
Day 13 – Hiroshima
Day 14 – Miyajima
Day 15 – Kurashiki
Day 16 – Kurashiki
Day 17 – Kyoto (stop at Himeji)
Day 18 – Kyoto
Day 19 – Kyoto
Day 20 – Osaka
Day 21 – depart from KIX late afternoon


Hello there,

You will not be using the train a lot from day 1-8 and from there the distance you cover by rail is not that much either. Looking at ticket fares it looks like that it would be cheaper to buy normal tickets than any kind of rail pass. This because the route you travel is basically one way Kagoshima - Osaka with a lot of stops on the route.

Hope this helps,

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