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which pass to get for kansai 6 day trip osaka, kyoto, wagayama

Which pass to get for Kansai 6 day trip Osaka, Kyoto, Wagayama

Hi we are arriving in Osaka on 27th Sept, spending 2 nights in Osaka exploring the area (including Tennoji zoo and aquarium), then heading to Kyoto for 4 nights. Whilst there I would like to go to Kurama, Takao and Arishiyama, Gion, Higashiyama and Wagayama. We are flying in and out of KIK. I am so confused by the all passes and what is going to be the best value. Should we purchase the Haruka/ICOCA card, then just top up the ICOCA, or should we buy the Kansai through pass or the JR Kansai Wide pass (which includes Wagayama) or a combination of passes. So confused???? Any advice would be much appreciated. Also open to any suggestions to go to besides these areas. Thanks :)


Hi there!

There's a lot of passes out there and this can get really confusing, no worry though, we are here to help!

I see that you will only see in the Kansai region and travel around here is not very expansive, even without any pass. What I would recommend is buying a budget ticket to Osaka/Namba and just a normal ticket from Osaka station to Kyoto when you travel there (this is 540 yen).

Than for Wakayama get go for a normal ticket as well, unfortunately the Kansai Area pass does not cover travel to Wakayama and the Kansai Wide Pass would be too expansive. Than from get an other normal ticket from Wakayama to Kansai Airport as they are both very close.

I hope this helps!

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