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which jr pass to purchase?

which JR pass to purchase?


Can any kind soul advise me on the type of JR pass to buy during my 7 days stay in Tokyo?

This is my route
1) Narita airport to yudanaka
2) Yudanaka to shinjuku
3) Shinjuku to Fuji five lake
4) Fuji five lake to Asakusa
5) Asakusa to kawagoe
6) Asakusa to Narita airport.

Thanks in advanced :)

sole trekker
sole trekker

Hi there!

I noticed that you posted about the validity about the JR East pass as well :)

Given the above itinerary I think that it would be best to buy normal ticket for your travel. Travel to Yudanaka is the only part which is relatively expensive but it would not be enough to make a JR Pass pay for. You could look into a JR Kanto pass for your travel to Kawaguchiko / Fuji 5 Lakes but even then would additional travel be required for it to pay off. So it's probably best to just stick with normal tickets.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Just done my maths on the cost, you are right that I am better off sticking to the normal tickets.

Thanks bro :)


sole trekker
sole trekker

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