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which jr pass should i buy?

Which JR Pass should I buy?

We (3 of us) will be in Japan for 8 days, here is our itinerary:
Day 1 : Travelling from Kansai Airport to Kyoto (should we buy a separate train tickets for this or perhaps take shuttle taxi service such as Yasaka Shuttle?)
Day 2 ,3 &4 : Sightseeing in Kyoto ( Can JR Pass be used for sightseeing in Kyoto?)
Day 5: Travel from Kyoto to Higashi Hiroshima
Day 6 & 7: Daily travel to Hiroshima from Higashi Hiroshima including Miyajima
Day 8: Travel from Higashi Hiroshima to Osaka, then to Kansai Airport for midnight flight

My questions:
Is it worth buying 7 day JR West Pass?
If yes, should we activate this on Day 2?
Where can we leave our luggage while sightseeing in Osaka on Day 8?

Thank you so much for your help.


Hi there,

I guess you are referring to the Kansai - Hiroshima pass. This does give you good value for the route you wish to travel, so I would get one.

For travel from Kansai Airport - Kyoto, consider buying a Haruka and ICOCA package. This offers great value for travel to Kyoto and you can use the ICOCA card for local travel.

Luggage can be stored at any station at coin lockers. Alternatively you can ask your accommodation to hold on to your luggage and pick it up later.

Hope this helps,

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