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which jr pass for 14 day itinerary

Which JR pass for 14 day itinerary

What JR pass should I buy for the itinerary below?

  1. Would the full Japan 2-week pass work for everywhere we want to go? (What's missing?)

  2. What about the JR "West Pass" that seems to cover a lot of our Osaka/Kyoto needs - is that worth it or a better option maybe? What about Miyajima and Hiroshima?

  3. Anything else?

Thank you for the help!

Day 1 - Tokyo arrive from airport

Day 2 - Tokyo

Day 3 - Tokyo

Day 4 - Tokyo - Nikko - Tokyo

Day 5 - Tokyo - Takayama

Day 6 - Takayama - Gokayama

Day 7 - Gokayama - Osaka

Day 8 - Osaka - Hiroshima - Miyajima - Osaka

Day 9 - Osaka - Himeji Jo - Kyoto

Day 10 - Kyoto

Day 11 - Kyoto - Koyasan

Day 12 - Koyasan - Kyoto

Day 13 - Kyoto

Day 14 - Kyoto - Tokyo


Hello there,

I recommend using a 14 day JRPass for your full itinerary. It will cover almost all your travels and you can make amazing savings compared to purchasing normal JR tickets.

There are some parts where additional tickets are needed, as there are no JR linen there. These are the bus from Takayama to Gokayama and the Nankai train between Kyoto and Koyasan. You may also need local travel within cities.

Lastly, I would not recommend any other pass for your itinerary. Because the JR Pass is the only pass that covers all of your trip.

Hope this helps,

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