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which is the fastest way to travel from narita airport to osaka

Which is the fastest way to travel from Narita Airport to Osaka

Hi there,

May I know what is the fastest way to travel from narita airport to Osaka?
How much does it cost?

I would like to purchase the train tickets for 7 days online. How is the procedure like?
How does the activation of ticket come about?
Can the tickets be used once I reach japan?
How do I reserve a seat if I purchase the 7 days tickets?
Do I have to book all the seats that I plan to travel to?
I am going during the Sakura peak period (24th mar 2016-3 apr 2016), is it advisable to book the ticket beforehand?
What does first class and normal class have in different?

Thank you.


Hi there,

You can purchase the JR Pass directly online here. Once you place the order, we will dispatch the JR Voucher to you. You then exchange the JR Pass once you arrive in Japan.

Here you can read about making sear reservations.

The Sakura period is somewhat busy but trains generally don't fully sell out. So getting tickets on the day of travel is fine. You can also do so a couple of days in advance if you want to be secure of seating.

You can read all about Green Class (1st Class) here.

Hope you find this useful,

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