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which is better? 7 or 14 day pass?

Which is better? 7 or 14 day pass?

I will be arriving at the Tokyo Haneda airport on April 13th and staying there until the 17th. I will be going to Takayama then Kyoto and will return to Tokyo on the 23rd. I then fly out on the 25th. It looks like I should take the 7 day pass. Can we get around Tokyo with another pass so we don't have to buy a 14 day pass? Firstly, if we get the 7 day pass, how do we validate it in the city? Secondly, what pass within in the city do you recommend? Also, we are considering a trip to see the snow monkeys in Nagano. Is it possible to see them if our 7 day pass runs out?
Looking forward to a great trip!


Hi there!

The JR Pass would be a great option if you visit Takayama and Kyoto. You would be making great savings and just need one ticket for all your travel.

Local travel around Tokyo is not very expansive and buying normal tickets as you travel is probably the best way since it does not limited you to one kind of transport. I would recommend buying a prepaid travel card such as Suica (IC card) to make your travel easier. More information about Suica can be found here. You can activate your JR Pass upon arrival at Haneda airport or at most major station in Tokyo (including Tokyo, Shinjuku and Shinagawa station), bring your exchange voucher and passport, tell the staff what day you wish to start using your pass and you are ready! Also see our Video Guide.

Visiting Nagano and jigokudani (snow monkey park) is certainly a possibility, however I would plan it in either before you go to Takayama or after Kyoto and make sure to return to Tokyo before your JR Pass runs out. If you do so, consider staying one night around Nagano as it is still a good amount of travel from Nagano to the monkey park.

Have a great trip!

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Thanks Daniel for your help!
I will do as you suggest!


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