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where to leave luggage in nara and koyosan

Where to leave luggage in Nara and Koyosan

Thank you for reading my post.

I will be travelling from Osaka to Nara and don't want to carry my luggage while touring in Nara? Can luggage be left at Nara Station on arrival?

Then I will travel from Nara to Koyosan via Hashimoto and wonder where I can leave luggage overnight to retrieve it the next morning for train to Kyoto. Recommendations would be most appreciated. Thank you.


Hello there,

Nearly every train station in Japan has a good amount of coin lockers. It's no problem leaving your luggage at any of these and then collect it the following day.

You could either do so at the base station of Koya-san or at Hashimoto. This would make the most sense in terms of route that you'll be traveling.

However you could also do so at Osaka, Nara or Kyoto station. For instance you could travel to Kyoto from Osaka drop your luggage there and then take a train to Nara. This would only add around 30 minutes of extra travel but it would be very easy to pick up your luggage the following day.

Hope this helps,

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You are always so helpful Daniel-San and you offer excellent ideas. Thanks so much.


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