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where to go to see sakura during 24 may 2012 to 2 june 2012 with jr pass

Where to go to see sakura during 24 May 2012 to 2 june 2012 with JR PASS

I am planning to arrive in Tokyo on 24 My afternoon. I want to see the sakura flower. It is late now. But some say can go further up north towards Hokkaido.
Can you tell me where to go but using my JR PASS. And how to go there.
Thank you.



Hi there,

Looking at this map of Sakura in Japan you'll really need to be in Hokkaido to get the most out of it. How about taking a chance and visting Aomori at the top of Honshu from Tokyo? Using the JR Pass you can travel to Aomori in just over 3 hours.

Hope this helps!

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